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We are now doing Fundraisers!

Gahr's Hamloaf has a NEW exciting fundraising opportunity for your organization. We are now offering our amazing Hamloaf along with 6 different flavors of  bulk sausage. All sausage will be frozen in 1lb packages. The 6 flavors of sausage are: Salt & Pepper, Maple, Breakfast, Sweet Italian, Hot Italian, Cajun Hot.  

Below you will find a link for an Excel spreadsheet order form. If you are unable to open it please contact us and we will get you some. Please contact us if you are interested in doing our fundraiser. We will need at least 2 weeks between orders being submitted and the requested delivery date.

There is a straight 35% profit margin. The prices are preset on the order form. If you have any questions please call (814) 282-7663

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