HOW WE SHIP: Your Gahr’s Hamloaf will be shipped frozen (uncooked) and oven-ready in a special insulated package with any necessary dry ice so that it arrives at your location frozen. Taste testing has revealed our fast-freezing process does not affect our unique product in any noticeable way.

TIMELY ATTENTION UPON RECEIPT: It is important that your hamloaf order is refrigerated or put in a freezer soon after delivery by UPS. We package orders to stay frozen up to the time of delivery. Upon receipt, the product should be put in a freezer, or a refrigerator if you plan to use it within two days.
WHEN WE SHIP: All orders will be shipped on the following Monday after your order is placed.


PACKAGING CONVENIENCE: For your convenience, all Gahr’s Hamloaf is individually wrapped in 2lb packages. A container with 6lbs contains 3 packages of 2lbs each.

SHIPPING: For orders EAST of the Mississippi River; total cost per order is a flat rate fee.


SUMMARY OF COST: The total cost for three 2 lb packages is $80 for orders east of the Mississippi River ($90 for Florida orders). Orders can be made by pressing the “Buy Now” button below. Below is a PayPal Button to purchase a standard 6 lb Gahr’s Hamloaf shipping container. Order summary will be on the left hand side of the screen.


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